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Here’s a question, what have an Italian, a dijaridoo, conscious dreams and a man called The ‘love business consultant’ got in common?

Well on Thursday 29th March at a book launch I was covering I learnt just how they all link together whilst capturing the event and all the fun at the Sherlock Holmes Plaza hotel.

On the back of interviews given by Dean Williams and co. Dean revealed he has the nickname ‘Love Business Consultant’. 

He has written his 2nd book about the basics of building business sustainability, 

This along with his first book were published by Concious dreams publishing. 

 All this hosted by Simone Vincenzi the Italian playing a dijeridoo. 

Tasked with documenting and capturing interactions across the evening I was able to capture these moments throughout the event and tell Deans story for that evening. 

This is one of my filler blogs.  In my next full blog I will be talking about my work as a photographer in events and hopefully getting a few words from those I have worked with to contribute their thoughts.

Keep watching and reading. Why not subscribe to  my receive regular blog posts. 

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