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Based in South East London, where I have lived since moving to London 27 years ago, I live with two wonderful ladies, my wife and daughter.  Up until recently I was a long-serving educational practitioner and most recently a Head Teacher of a school in Peckham.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to capture and document life around the world.  Being in education did afford me the opportunity to travel and explore all but one continent.  

I love the opportunity to explore the world and to capture and document what I see.

I have made the move into full-time photography and stepped away from education to pursue my love of telling stories through photography.

If I'm not out with my camera then I'm possibly running the streets. My other enjoyment is running.  I occasionally enter races including  the odd marathon or 1/2 marathon.  I even ran London to Brighton on an ultra marathon. Mad I know but it seemed a good idea at the time. 




What do you get when you pick me as your photographer?

If it isnt apparent, I love photography and the art of capturing stories through the lens of a camera.  It is incredibly rewarding to be able to capture and share moments of joy as well as unique aspects of life.

Your wedding day should be about your story and and in that respect much approach is to document and narrate a timeless series of pictures that will help you to share and remember this special occasion. 

This begins with me getting to know and subsequent opportunities to discuss preparations towards the 'Big Day'.  I will meet with any prospective clients to outline my approach before booking.  After this comes the part I enjoy and that is working with couples to plan the look and feel of the package leaving you with memories you'll want to share.

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