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Have you considered updating your portraits?

I'm guilty of this and maybe you are too...I'm talking about having a photo of yourself that you like and never changing it, and even using it for most of you social media sites.

My excuse, I'm busy photographing others people. However, the good news, you don't have to. I provide a very affordable package which includes prints.

Perhaps you're looking to add a professional look to your website or maybe create an relaxed look and feel to your business.

With me, you get to choose either shooting on location or indoors with studio lighting and choice of backdrop.

Another concern many people have is, "where do I fit in a photo shoot in to a busy days schedule?"

A photographer with a flexible approach is a step in the right direction. Again knowing what look and approach you want is helpful here. If you are looking for a formal or professional image, then with a lighting set up that can be transported to you, would mean the shoot could take place at the office at a time to suit you. Alternatively working around your day can be as easily achieved by organising the shoot before reaching the office or after work. It could even fit in during a lunch hour.

With me, I work with you in a way that suits you.

If you are looking to update your photos why not get in touch for a chat.

View more on my website or visit my Instagram sites.

@stevan68 and @scbweddings

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