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Did you get to Pride 2017?

I had the most amazing Saturday following my music school's end of year concert - which was I have to say one of the best yet! Directly after, Tash and I kept to our promise and headed up to London for LGBT Pride 2017. It was everything we'd expected: fun, frivolity and friendly vibes all round! 

This is one of my favourite shots of Tash on the day.  

There was a tremendous sense of caring and supporting one another. Tourists visiting to see the pageantry, members of the LGBT community showing support for one another and many others like ourselves turning out and showing love for friends and family within the LGBT community. 

Our daughter was supporting colleagues on the Nando's team from 11:00 through to 5:00, afterwards catching up with us for some Chinese at my favourite place in Soho, Wong Kei's 

These shots were taken from various points during the afternoon. Some up on vantage points like one of the statues in the Trafalgar area; others where I managed to take up a position within the cordon so as to capture uninterrupted views of the procession. 

Here's looking forward to next years London Pride!

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